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Q – Part of my house has vaulted ceilings, can I put crown on them?

A – Absolutely! It is one of my favorite looks and it really finishes off the room. Just a word of caution though, It does require a little finesse and a bit of skill so I would not do it as a DIY, I strongly suggest you hire a trim carpenter that has done it before.

Q – Do you sell to the public and do you come to our home to do estimates?

 A – Yes, we do sell to the public. We will also do an in-home consultation and charge $75 for a one hour appointment. This is pre-paid when you set the date and will be credited to your order when you place it.

Q – Do you offer installation?

 A – Not at this time, however we do have a list of tradesmen that purchase from us and we are happy to share their names and numbers with you. It would still be your responsibility to vet them and make sure they are the right fit for you.

Q – Is it expensive?

A – A favorite question of mine. My answer is no and yes as it really depends of what you want. Products and prices come in all different ranges from really in-expensive to very expensive. Today, there is such a nice selection of lower priced items that most of the time clients find what they really like in that range.

Q – The square windows in my house have casing around them and it really looks nice but the two main windows with arch’s don’t. Can you do that for us?

A – Yes, we have a series of questions we will ask you to make sure the right items get ordered but it is really pretty simple…well 99% of the time.

Q – Will you work with my designer and general contractor?

A – We work with designers and contractors all the time.

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